Seiko 6R15-03W0

This Seiko Prospex Air Diver Mod was sent to me by a client along with the bezel and hands he required me to fit. I am always interested to see what people have envisioned for their watch. It is nice that I get to bring their dreams to fruition. I also have lots of ideas to offer to clients that are not entirely sure of what they are looking for.

Seiko Prospex Air Diver Mod - displayed with the new parts for modding. New hands and bezel to be fitted by wellingtime

The bezel insert can be easily removed. The OEM Seiko bezel insert has a separate pearl of lume that is fitted under the insert. This can be easily lost.

Seiko Prospex Air Diver Mod - 6R15-03W0 with original bezel insert and pearl of lume removed from the bezel

I find using something that will break down the adhesive the best method for insert removal. The insert will usually come clean away, leaving the adhesive tape behind on the bezel. This can be easily cleaned away while the adhesive is still wet.

Seiko Prospex Air Diver Mod - without bezel insert - cleaned and ready for new bezel insert installation. Seiko mods by wellingtime.

The bezel can then be cleaned with some alcohol. Cleaning any grease and excess adhesive from the bezel will allow for the best adhesion of the new tape.

Seiko Prospex Air Diver Mod - with new lumed bezel insert installed. Seiko 6R15-03W0 Mods by wellingtime.

The new bezel can now be stuck into position. Although this Seiko Prospex Air Diver mod is looking awesome already, it’s not finished yet. There are some lovely pencil hands to add to this mod.

Seiko Air Diver Hand Mod

Seiko Prospex Air Diver Mod with casebook removed to expose the Seiko 6R15 movement. Seiko mods at Wellingtime uk

Opening up the caseback reveals the Seiko 6R15 movement which is stunning. The crown is removed in the same fashion as the 7S26 and 4R etc.

Seiko Prospex Air Diver Mod - dial removed from watch with original hands in place.
Seiko Prospex Air Diver Mod - The hands have been removed from the movement leaving on the the dial and movement in the photograph.
Seiko Prospex Air Diver Mod - The movement & dial with new hands are  displayed alongside the Seiko Diver case.

The hands can now be removed from the movement. I don’t like presto removers however others love them. The hands can then be replaced and given a little touch to remove any marks that may have been left from the press.

Seiko Prospex Air Diver Mod - seiko watch modifications by wellingtime uk.

Finally complete… The pencil hands and blue second hand really do add a unique edge to this Seiko Mod.

If you are interested in modding your seiko there are more blogs and inspiration here. If you are looking for parts you can check out these supplier Seiko Mods, Lucius Atelier, Namoki & DLW in no particular order!

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