Are you in need of expert watch crystal repair services? At WellingTime, we specialize in professional watch crystal repair, catering to a wide range of watch brands, from classic names like Rolex to modern favorites like Emporio Armani. Whether you own a vintage treasure or a contemporary beauty, we’re here to make your watch shine again.

Watch Crystal Repair- Lorus watch with broken mineral crystal - watch repair by wellingtime
Before a Clean & Replacement Crystal
Watch Crystal Repair - Lorus after the case and bracelet have been cleaned and a new sapphire crystal have been fitted  - watch crystal repairs by wellingtime
After a Clean & Sapphire Crystal Replacement
Watch Crystal Repair - Lorus Watch dial - with broken glass (watch crystal) sowing the potential damage that could be caused byt not addressing a broken or cracked watch crystal in good time
Glass on the dial can cause damage

Why Timely Watch Crystal Repair Matters:

A damaged or broken watch crystal isn’t just a cosmetic issue. It can lead to several problems if left unattended:

1. Dial and Hands Damage:

  • Tiny fragments of glass from a damaged crystal can scratch the dial and hands of your watch, affecting its aesthetics and readability.

2. Movement Issues:

  • Glass particles may find their way into the delicate movement of your watch, causing complications and potentially costly repairs.

3. Loss of Water Resistance:

  • A compromised crystal can lead to a loss of water resistance, jeopardizing your watch’s integrity and suitability for various activities.
Watch Crystal Repair - acrylic crystal replacement on a vintage 9ct gold omega. displayed on a workbench with assiocated tools and watch components. - Wellingtime watch crystal repairs
Watch Crystal Repair - Divers watch crystal replacement displayed on a bergeon press with plastic dyes, atop of a watchmakers bench - Wellingtime watch crystal repairs
Watch Crystal Repair - Vintage trench watch crystal replacement displayed on a bergeon watchmakers cushion anti-static matt - Wellingtime watch crystal repairs

Our Comprehensive Crystal Repair Services:

At WellingTime, we understand the importance of prompt watch crystal repair. That’s why we offer a variety of crystal repair choices to ensure your watch stays in its best shape:

1. Upgrade to Sapphire Crystal:

  • Enhance your watch’s durability and clarity with our sapphire crystal repair services, providing a clear view of your watch’s face and resistance to scratches.

2. Mineral Crystal Replacements:

  • If you prefer the durability and clarity of mineral crystals, we’ve got you covered with our mineral crystal repair options, designed to keep your watch looking great.

3. Seiko Hardlex Expertise:

  • We’re experts in repairing Seiko Hardlex crystals, maintaining your Seiko timepiece’s quality with precision.

4. Vintage Charm:

  • For vintage watch owners, our repair services include a collection of vintage-style crystals to help you preserve your watch’s charm and authenticity.

5. Square Crystals and More:

  • We offer a wide variety of crystal shapes, including square crystal repair, to match your watch’s unique design.
Watch Crystal Repair - 1980's Bulova with a new sapphire crystal fitted - Wellingtime watch crystal repairs
Watch Crystal Repair - Pair of vintage gold ladies watches that have had a sapphire crystal fitted to replace the original for the owner - Wellingtime watch crystal repairs
Watch Crystal Repair - Cartier Tank fitted with new square sapphire crystal - Wellingtime watch crystal repairs

Reliable Cleaning and Water Resistance:

During the crystal repair process, we provide your watch case with thorough cleaning, ensuring it looks as good as new. If your watch requires it, we fit new gaskets and perform pressure tests to ensure it retains its water resistance for your peace of mind.

Watch Crystal Repair - 1930's rolex replacement acrylic crystal - Wellingtime watch crystal repairs
Watch Crystal Repair - measuring a  watch for gasket and new crystal using verniers. displayed on a bergeon watchmakers cushion ontop of anti-static matt - Wellingtime watch crystal repairs
Watch Crystal Repair - Vintage Handwind Rolex with a new acrylic crystal fitted by Wellingtime watch crystal repairs

Preserve the Elegance of Your Timepiece with WellingTime

Your watch is more than just a timekeeper; it’s a reflection of your style and character. We understand the sentimental value of your watch and the importance of maintaining its integrity.

Our skilled watchmakers are dedicated to delivering quality and craftsmanship in every crystal repair project. Whether you want to upgrade to sapphire, revive a vintage gem, or refresh your watch’s appearance, you can trust us to handle your watch with care and precision.

Watch Crystal Repair - 1960's bulova with a new acrylic crystal - Wellingtime watch crystal repairs
Watch Crystal Repair - Divers watch in a crystal press removing the damaged original crystal in order to replace it with a new one  - Wellingtime watch crystal repairs
Watch Crystal Repair - Eternamatic the complete service includes a replacement crystal if the clent requests it - Wellingtime watch crystal repairs

Experience Excellence in Watch Crystal Repair:

Discover the craftsmanship and attention to detail that sets WellingTime apart. Give your watch a fresh lease on life, ensuring it continues to serve you with precision and style.

Ready to give your watch the care it deserves? Contact WellingTime today to discuss your watch crystal repair needs. Join the ranks of watch owners who have entrusted us with their timepieces and experience the difference that expertise, precision, and dedication can make in preserving the beauty of your cherished watch.

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