Bring your Apeks Dive watch back to life with our specialised Apeks watch repair services. The Apeks 500m Dive watch distinguishes itself as an exceptional tool timepiece, featuring a robust steel case and a 2.7mm thick crystal, making it an ideal and cost-effective daily companion for both professional divers and those in the marine industry. This model in this blog post is no longer in production, but you can still pick up the later models from many online an local dive stores.

Apeks proudly states that they have been “serving divers” for 50 years, emphasizing their passion for creating exceptional products in the evolving SCUBA market. Founded in 1974 by Ken Smith Ainscough and Eric Partington, former colleagues at a large engineering firm, the company’s name, Apeks, is an acronym derived from their initials.

Apeks Watch Repair 500m

This particular watch in for repair ,unfortunately, like many others, was stowed away in a drawer when the owner received a smartwatch as a gift. After a few years, when the desire to wear the Apeks resurfaced, the owner sought a battery replacement, new seals (gaskets), and a pressure test at the store to ensure its continued functionality.

APEKS Watch Repair - leaking battery has damaged movement.

Our meticulous Apeks watch repair services cover various aspects:

  1. Battery Replacement: If your watch has been dormant for a while, a battery replacement is often the first step. Our team ensures a seamless transition, using high-quality batteries to power up your Apeks watch.
  2. Seal (Gasket) Replacement: Over time, seals can wear out, compromising the water resistance of your Apeks watch. We provide expert seal replacement services, utilizing top-grade materials to ensure optimal performance.
  3. Pressure Testing: To guarantee the durability of your Apeks watch, we conduct thorough pressure tests. This step ensures that your watch can withstand the challenges of underwater environments, meeting the high standards set by Apeks.
  4. Movement Replacement: If your watch requires a new movement, fear not. We source Seiko quartz movements, integral to Apeks watches, through our efficient UK distribution channels, ensuring a quick and reliable replacement.
  5. :Crystal Replacement: Whether it’s a routine upgrade or addressing visible wear and tear, our crystal replacement services ensure your Apeks watch maintains its pristine appearance.

Upon examination, it became apparent that the battery had leaked, causing damage to the watch’s movement, which, in the case of Apeks watches, utilizes Seiko movements. Thankfully, Seiko quartz movements are readily available and replaceable, and in this instance, the necessary movement was conveniently accessible through UK distribution channels.

While awaiting the arrival of the new movement, we utilized the time to disassemble and clean the case, subsequently assembling it with new crystal and gaskets followed by conducting a pressure test to ensure water resistance.

APEKS Watch Repair -  sizing for the perfect caseback gasket
APEKS Watch Repair - Pressure testing the apeks 500m case

Once the new movement arrived and its proper functionality was confirmed, we proceeded to assemble the movement, dial, and hands. With everything in place, the watch is now ready to resume its duties.

APEKS Watch Repair - Apeks 500m dial with new movement ready to fit new hands
APEKS Watch Repair - dial and new seiko movement with hour hand attached

Ready to revive your Apeks dive watch to its former glory? Contact us for unparalleled Apeks watch repair services that go beyond mere restoration – we ensure your timepiece is primed for the challenges that lie ahead.

APEKS Watch Repair - fully serviced new crystal movement gaskets and a fresh look brushed in with the polisher.
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