The Seiko 7548 Service offered by WellingTime is a comprehensive overhaul of this watch. The movement and case are disassembled, cleaned and inspected, before being assembled with fresh oil, grease and new gaskets throughout. This quartz diver has been around since the 1970’s, a lot of these things are still ticking. It is a good idea to get this sort of watch serviced to prolong the life of the movement. The parts for this watch are a bit hard to come by. The mechanical aspects are easier than the electrical. The latter usually requires sacrificing another watch to get one up and running again. These watches are highly collectable and for some who have owned them from new, a lifetime of memories together!

This service was for a local man although it is not the first I have completed, and probably won’t be the last!

Seiko 7548 Service - Seiko 7548 700- Watch before service, displayed on a watchmakers cushion. WellingTime watch repair

This one was a little beaten. The movement was dead and the day wheel had stopped functioning some time ago. This Seiko 7548 has been in a drawer for sometime, which I am sure you can see from the bracelet! I thought it best to tackle the back to front end link after I had uncased the movement.

Seiko 7548 Service - rear of Seiko 7548 700B displaying the caseback. this is displayed on a watchmakers cushion. WellingTime watch repair falmouth, uk
Seiko 7548 Service - Seiko 7548 700B Watch woth the caseback removed, displayed on a watchmakers cushion. WellingTime watch repair

The hands and dial need to be removed to access the calendar works. The first thing to remove is the clip that retains the day wheel. This gives access to the the rest of the calendar works so these can be removed from the Seiko 7548. Service at times can be difficult if the movement has had water ingress. In this case I would usually recommend servicing a donor movement, taking the best parts from both movements to create one Seiko 7548 that should make it though another fifty years to be one hundred!

Seiko 7548-700B uncased dial hands and movements displayed in a movement holder, on a green anti static mat.
Seiko 7548-700B uncased front view of movement (7548) with the clip partially removed displayed in a movement holder, on a green anti static mat.

After the movement has been stripped and jewels cleaned with some peg wood it can be put though a cleaning cycle. Then case can then be disassembled and cleaned up.

Seiko 7548-700B uncased rear view of movement (7548) partially disassembled displayed in a movement holder, on a green anti static mat.
Seiko 7548-700B Bezel assembly before cleaning.

After everything has been cleaned, it can be inspected and assembled with new parts where required. The date wheel required for this repair can be taken from a 6309, these are readily available.

Seiko 7548-700B reassembling the movement front view of movement (7548)  partially assembled displayed in a movement holder, on a green anti static mat with other watch parts, dial, hands day disks etc.

Once the movement is assembled I can apply the dial and hands, and case the watch. There was no real helping this case, it has had a hard life, but it means a lot to the client. He opted for a used crystal and lightly used bezel insert to keep up appearances! I posted the photo below on instagram, follow me on socials for more frequent updates.

Seiko 7548-700B - Complete with used crystal and bezel to match the very well used case!

No sooner than I had pressure tested this Seiko 7548, I had two more arrive in the post from the USA. It is interesting how the dial and hand lume has turned out so different from watch to watch, as seen in the photo of all three below.

Seiko 7548 Dive watch - Seiko watch repairs WellingTime UK. Quartz Repairs UK

Thanks for your interest in WellingTime. Please get in touch using the contact page or the social links at the bottom of every page if you need help with your Seiko, or indeed any other watch.

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