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Wellingtime UK watch repair, Seiko DateJust before repair - This is a Broken Watch. The watch is stainless steel with gold fluted bezel Movement not working. replace Broken glass (hair line fracture to crystal. Dial feet replacement required. The Seiko 7009 3110 is on the original Bi-metal coloured jubilee bracelet.

The Seiko 7009 movement is by far my favorite in the entry level Seiko Automatic range. It really was built to last and I like things like that! There are no plastic parts, as there are in the 6309, 7S26 4R36 etc. I know the 6309 does not share the same construction but it is interesting that some parts were plastic. Then they were not, and now they are now again. Whatever your watch, WellingTime UK watch repair can help.

Wellingtime UK Watch Repair - The case back has been removed so the watch movement can be removed for repair. The movement is stainless steel in a stainless steel case. DateJust Watch repair

This particular watch has had a tough old life, having been a daily beater. It has been serviced in the past, evident from markings in the inside of the case back. The watch was still ticking but the day did not change.

Wellingtime UK watch repair of a Vintage Seiko 7009 DateJust Balance and ratchet removed for watch repair, there is a fair amount of excess grease all obver this watch. Thankfully its here for a professional wellingtime watch repair!

It was pretty mucky inside and the dial feet had come away from the dial – these were replaced. You can still see them attached to the movement in the picture above.

UK Watch Repair service - Disassembly of watch movement so repairs can be made to the watch. DateJust Seiko 7009 is featured in this photo, the movement is stainless steel, above the movement in the photo are the date & day wheel along with the dial and case back.

The problem with the day change was a big blob of dry grease under the push plate that had jammed and wasn’t allowing any movement.

UK Watch Repair Service by Wellingtime UK - Mainspring and Barrel Separated for repair. To be cleaned and greased in order to repair the watch.

The mainspring and barrel were OK, just a clean and fresh grease before putting back together. Amazing how well these Seiko movements stand the test of time.

Wellingtime UK Watch Repair service - Watch Strip Down,  all components parts after they have been cleaned for watch repair. The dial, day/date wheel, balance wheel, case, dial spacer, movement holder, gasket caseback gasket and jubilee bracelet can all be seen individually spaced out in the centre there is a parts box which contains all of the watch movement component parts for repair. All work undertaken in the UK.

After a clean, everything is inspected. As I mentioned this movement is robust and, true to form, required no new parts. Even the little spring for the day change was still intact. With that said it doesn’t make it any easier getting the little chap in position and functioning correctly.

Watch Repair UK - complete seiko DateJust 7009 Repair raised acrylic crystal

Need your watch repaired in the UK?

WellingTime watch repair, UK .For further information please click here and or drop me a line.

(This watch was featured on Twitter #Seiko Saturdays with some Pips Cornish Pasties, arguably the best pasties in Cornwall!)

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watch repair uk